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Brittani Reed

Brittani Reed

Executive Assistant

Brittani Reed (Leathern) was born in Phoenix, AZ and lived there for a short period of time before moving to Wilmington, DE as a toddler.  Her parents, originally from the East Coast, desired a move “home” and Brittani has resided on the East Coast since that young age.  Brittani is the 4th born of five sisters.  From a large family, Brittani appreciates the family ties of so many siblings as much as she appreciates the happiness from the smiles of her twelve nieces and nephews.  Brittani’s large family also cares for a pet tortoise.  “Sheldon” is 37 years old and will outlive everyone in her family!  Brittani has prepared to take over the care of Sheldon since the young age of six-years old.   

Brittani graduated from Wilmington University in 2012.  While taking classes full-time Brittani was also the Captain and Middle-Hitter/Blocker for the Women’s Volleyball Team. With a bachelor’s degree in business management, and a minor in human resources, Brittani has spent her career in restaurant services.  In her kitchen and restaurant management, Brittani is confident she can bring those transferable skills to real estate.  With customer service being a key ingredient to her restaurant success, Brittani prides herself in making Compass Home Group’s clients #1.  Brittani worked for many years at the Olive Garden and recently worked at a local Harford County favorite, The Texas Roadhouse.  It was hard for Brittani to leave all of her “roadie’s” and after careful consideration and an understanding of her heart and the career she wanted to build for herself, she signed up for real estate classes and took on this executive leadership opportunity. 

It was while working at the Olive Garden in White Marsh and commuting back and forth from Delaware, Brittani met her husband, Joe.  A great friend and roommate introduced Brittani to Joe in 2013 and by 2015 he was her husband.  Brittani & Joe were married in Nassau, Bahamas and they currently reside in Aberdeen, MD with their two dogs, Loki & Titus.

Brittani sees herself as artistic, active, loving, compassionate, and simple.  She loves hiking and taking nature walks.  She likes to paint and work with oil pastels, watch scary movies, and play video games.  She has a passion for travel and with a love of the sunshine, she enjoys frequent trips to the beach.  Ultimately, her dream is to live on a beach somewhere with her family, either St. Thomas or in Sarasota, FL. 

Brittani is composed and deliberate while she is assertive in her push for results.  She enjoys working with people while making an impact.  Brittani has the innate ability to bring a sense of calm and stability to her environment.  She has a take-charge attitude and she does so quietly and resolutely, unperturbed by distractions.  Brittani is purposeful and she enjoys pursuing results.  It is these qualities, combined with the ability to effectively handle daily routines while anticipating needs of our team and our clients, that make her the perfect fit for Compass Home Group’ of Keller Williams American Premier Realty’s Executive Assistant.  Brittani’s motivation, drive, and strong sense of success led Compass Home Group’s founders, Tim & Michele Langhauser, to position her the Executive Assistant of their team, challenged with helping them lead their team to a higher level.