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An Across the State Move

An Across the State MoveJanice Hartlove Story

Compass Home Group

And her story…

Janice registered on Compass Home Group’s website back in May, 2015. Upon registering, Jessica quickly reached out to her to talk with her about her moving plans. Jessica was able to uncover that Janice lived in Salisbury and didn’t know if she was going to make the move or not. Janice wanted to move to Bel Air but just wasn’t quite sure how things would fall into place. Jessica followed up with her consistently, calling and leaving messages.   After a few weeks, Janice finally returned those calls and advised that she would be in town the first week of July. Still unknowing of whether or not she wanted to move, she did want to get an understanding of the market here. Jessica scheduled a full buyer consultation with her in the office and then showed her a few condos in Bel Air. After that, Janice felt a little bit more confident about her move. Janice had a home to sell back on the Eastern Shore and about a month later put her home on the market. She came back to Bel Air two more times to look at condos and then she finally found a couple that she loved, which we then narrowed down to her now home-sweet-home. Janice’s home sold in Salisbury quickly and she was able to settle on both her home in Salisbury and her home in Bel Air on the same day. Janice is over the moon excited to be living in her new condo. Right after settling in, Janice sent Jessica a handwritten note that said “I am so happy here and know I have made the right choice in buying this condo.” Here’s to bringing dreams home!

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From their perspective

I was looking for condos and saw Compass Home Group’s website. I sent an email regarding what floor plans I was interested in. Compass Home Group was very efficient and available for questions regarding the buying process. They made me feel like an important client. They seem very family oriented! I was very fortunate to have Jessica as my Realtor. She never pressured me into buying but was always available for showings, ideas, and questions. The rest of the team was always keeping me abreast of the buying process. I was very pleased with everyone involved.

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