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Compass Home Group Brings Dreams Home – Dorothy’s Story

Compass Home Group Brings Dreams Home – Dorothy’s Story

Compass Home Group of Keller Williams American Premier Realty

Tim Langhauser and Michele McCartin

We reached out to Dorothy when her home expired on the market. Dorothy was a little hesitate to let us come tour her home as she was felt things weren’t working out according to her original Flyerplan. Michele asked Dorothy for only a no-obligation opportunity to hear her goals, tour her home, and outline how we could, in fact, get her home sold. She agreed and put our interview in the middle of others she already had scheduled.

On the day Michele met Dorothy, the two talked of Dorothy’s move halfway across the county. Dorothy was moving to New Mexico. Dorothy had already bought a home there and the only thing keeping her here in Maryland was the sale of her property here. It was clear that Dorothy’s heart was in New Mexico and she just couldn’t wait to get there, unload, and start her new journey in such a beautiful state. Michele went over the sale and the process, line by line, to ensure that everything was discussed and outlined. Michele even remembers the phone ringing during their time together. When the machine picked up, it was another agent calling to confirm another interview Dorothy had set. After assessing her goals and outlined what selling with Compass Home Group would like, Michele was most delighted when Dorothy looked up at the end and said, “I’m going to sign. When you know, you know! And, I appreciate you being so thorough with me today!”

From that moment, Dorothy and our team were a match made in Heaven. We were so grateful for her confidence in our team that we got right to work  ensuring that we would get her home SOLD. Dorothy’s home sold in just 10 days!!! She was so excited!!!  And, Compass Home Group was just as thrilled to bring her dreams home.

Dorothy’s Perspective
I searched google for Top Baltimore Real Estate Agents and there they were. I interviewed others but Michele offered answers to all of my questions before I had to ask. All contacts were handled professionally yet with a personal touch. Michele & Tracey made me feel my home was the most important property. Outstanding service and knowledge of market! I recommend the team to anyone seller or buying a house in Maryland

Compass Home Group of Keller Williams American Premier Realty
Tim Langhauser & Michele McCartin
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