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Compass Home Group Closes Another Harford County Home

1Compass Home Group Closes Another Harford County Home

Compass Home Group of Keller Williams American Premier Realty

Tim Langhauser and Michele McCartin

Jim & Ellen were a referral to our team through a friend of their daughter’s. When we met with them, we learned very quickly that they were listed with another agent prior to seeking out our services. They were frustrated. They weren’t getting many, or even any, showings on their home and felt the house would never sell. We outlined their goals, corrected their price, and gave them an honest and clear opinion of what we anticipated the Jim and Ellen Mazersale to be and, ultimately, what would be required to reach settlement of the home.

Jim & Ellen are an absolutely adorable couple! We quickly learned that they met in Germany when Jim was fighting for our country in the war. They came back to the states, got married, and raised a family here. Ellen has a health matter that requires Jim’s constant care and attention. They needed to sell the house to get into something more equipped for her care. Jim couldn’t wait to move to “their new home” where they both could find time together again – time where he could care for her and time where he could just sit with her without worrying about all the other matters that needed his attention.

When Jim & Ellen’s home sold, inspection matters gave us quite the scare. There were quite a few things that needed tending to and, well, there just wasn’t enough room to make it all work. Here this wonderful man who fought for our country, cared for his wife so deeply, and did everything by the book stood in the midst of all these items screaming for his attention. We removed ourselves from the transaction and looked at the scenario. It was only right that we saw all the puzzle pieces fit together for the good of his outcome. We lined up contractors for work, we coordinated the move with the ease of him moving into his new home with the care required for his wife, and we didn’t worry about the “bottom line” when it came to making sure his wasn’t in the red. Jim & Ellen’s transaction taught Michele a real lesson in life…there are many that gave so freely, so unselfishly so that we can so freely and unselfishly give. Hug a Veteran today!!!

Jim and Ellen’s Perspective
Compass Home Group was recommended to us by our daughter’s friend.  I would recommend their services to anyone in need of real estate.  We feel they worked very hard to sell our property.  Even though it did not go as I had hoped, that was no fault of theirs.  We think they did a great job.  We are very satisfied and very grateful.

Compass Home Group of Keller Williams American Premier Realty
Tim Langhauser & Michele McCartin
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