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Compass Home Group Puts in Elbow Grease to Capture a Sale in Kings Crossing

Compass Home Group Puts in the Elbow Grease to Capture a Sale!Compass Home Group Kings Crossing Bel Air

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Jessica Byrum and her story…

Jessica knew Angela Ney, Operations Manager for Compass Home Group of Keller Williams American Premier Realty. Jessica had the home listed with another agent before and after no success in the sale, reached out to Angela. Angela then had Tim connect with her about what it would take to get this unit sold!!

Tim visited and assessed the unit quickly. This story is one of extreme loss. The unit was an estate sale. Jessica lost her grandmother and her dad took over this unit after her passing. All too soon, Jessica lost her dad. Understanding the circumstances, Tim discussed with Jessica what it would take to get the unit sold. Jessica explained that any money needed to sell the unit was wrapped up in the unit itself! She just didn’t have the thousands of dollars needed to make the unit salable. The need to help was clear. Compass Home Group invested the money into the unit to make the home salable. It was our promise to sell, and deliver on our promise, that would afford us any payback!!! Fresh paint and new carpet were arranged and the unit professional cleaned. Now, it was time to position it on market and get it SOLD!!!

The investment and the plan were a success! The unit SOLD in just 27 days!!! Bringing a smile to Jessica’s face amid all her pain! Jessica, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to see you through this difficult time! Your story will always remain close to our hearts! It is a reminder of what it takes in life to be helpful, not just successful!

Her Perspective…
I decided to use Compass Home Group per Angela’s referral. Plus, the location of their office was extremely close to my dad’s property. The team was prompt, friendly, and effective. They possessed great follow-through!! AWESOME work!!!

Compass Home Group of Keller Williams American Premier Realty
Tim Langhauser & Michele McCartin
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