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House to Camper to Forever Home

House to Camper to Forever Homedboks-story

Compass Home Group

The D’boks…
…and their story.

Jessica was looking for a realtor and her hunt, of course, included social media. Michele was tagged in a post and Jessica was kind enough to give her an opportunity to present Compass Home Group of Keller Williams American Premier Realty’s services.

Upon arriving at their home, Michele quickly fell in love with the children. They are all so adorable, and oh so caring! Friends were made instantaneously and, not to get ahead too quickly, the children were quickly diverted to the play area so the adults could discuss matters of real estate, goals, and a timeline.

Timeline was important. Jessica & Drew were concerned about just when would be the most beneficial time to make their move. They also had specific concerns and wanted to make sure they were all addressed with the appropriate time allotted for all factors. What was shocking to Michele was that they were interviewing FIVE realtors….that’s right FIVE!!

After meeting with them, Michele followed up with them via conference call when all the interviews were over, just to address final concerns. Michele was feeling good because after meeting with a handful of professionals, the D’bok’s asked for a conference call because they had to at least like her, right? Michele promised to stand ready to serve them at all levels. She told them that it wouldn’t be easy, and with market conditions, she explained just how they should prepare. Wrapping up with, “Look guys, I’m not looking for your transaction. I’m looking to make you my clients for life! That’s how we grow our business. I want to help you now, and when these kids buy a house, we want to help them too! This is a journey together!” was a sure way to gain their confidence.

In between the interviews, Compass Home Group made this family a part of the family to show them just how it works when working with Compass Home Group. They attended our Bowling with Santa event before they were clients, and have been to a few more since becoming clients. The children made Michele “Get Well” cards when she broke her foot and they sent pictures along the way to commemorate the journey. We helped them sell their home, overcoming a large obstacle, and also helped them find their dream home. Obstacles cause tears. Overcoming those obstacles grows large hearts! Large hearts that will hold lots of memories in their new home!

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Their Perspective

Tim & Michele are very responsive. They also became knowledgeable about our needs and kept a close eye on the market until finding our dream house. Compass Home Group went above and beyond to help with the sale of our home as well and demonstrated support far surpassing that of a realtor.

Compass Home Group of Keller Williams American Premier Realty
Tim & Michele Langhauser
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