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Merry Christmas – An Open Letter From the Compass Home Group

Merry Christmas – An Open Letter From the Compass Home Group

Sitting quietly wondering what to say that would adequately describe this year. It makes sense that no words can be found. Each client that has placed that confidence in our team to help you reach your goals thisDSC_0194 year is held so closely within the warmth of our hearts. It is each and every one of you that makes the growth of our business possible. It is with each settlement, that we lose a client and gain a friend.

There were so many victorious moments celebrated. We started the year off slow with only one settlement in January. Then things seem to pick up by February…thank goodness! It was in the early spring that we added and employee to assist us in our day-to-day operation only to lose her in the early fall. Everything happens for a reason though and these times make us better. We all pulled together and made sure each job that needed to get done, got done!!! We started the interview process right away and after a long and tedious screening/recruiting process, we are happy to announce that we have found our new Executive Administrator and look forward to formally announcing her joining our team in January, 2015.

Our happiest client in 2015 had to be Christina S. Her tears at the settlement table were overwhelming for even us at agents. It is so moving to see your heart fill up with so much pride, so much hope, and so many dreams as you are passed the keys to your new home. Christina’s Christmas card this year is outlined with photos from settlement, her personalized bucket, and the nature she finds hanging out in her new yard.

Another happy family is Kyle & Warren M. This family was being moved from Connecticut to Maryland for work. They certainly didn’t start this process with giddiness, however, what they ended up with at the end was not just a house, but a home just in time for the holidays!!! The “thank you” letter we received from Kyle was so touching. Not only did she fill out the survey, she took the time to describe the kicking and screaming she started the process with to the fulfilling moments when she never thought she could be so happy in a wonderful little note to us.

We had a gentleman who provided great service to our country. He met his wife in that foreign land while serving. The need to sell their home was great for she needed medical care and attention that he wanted to10639652_1554504648112432_9152749412996347588_n ensure she had. They were just an adorable couple. They were moving to assisted living together. Between the finances, the repairs to the home, etc., it all was mounting. This had to be our saddest transaction. The immense joy we had when visiting their new apartment restored our tears to happy ones. And Jim & Ellen continue their happy ever after.

We laugh at the moments we’ve had to grow over the last year too! Oh boy are they funny! We laugh as we breathe in deeply. In teaching Jessica, we giggle at her learning conversations and we learned that in order to have those practice conversations with her, she needs to turn around her chair. Please don’t look at her!! She will mess up!!! Tim’s greatest growing moment was permission to fail when attending a Top Team Event with Jackie Ellis. Having lost the hire that was made, Tim and the team had to recognize that you cannot put the same drive within you into someone else. You must continue to line your bench with the talented people that possess the drive that will ultimately push you! Michele just continues to grow in her tech skills. Tim keeps throwing technology at the team and Michele is forced to learn it for maximum team efficiency. It’s so funny how Michele’s eyes light up each and every time when she understands that technology really is super easy!!!

Gosh, looking back, there are so many wonderful people that we’ve made friends. Every settlement stirs up a new adventure and we are blessed to tell each and every story!!! There are also so many times the team has taken two steps forward, one back, somersaulted, and spiraled to a new place. Success is within this team!!! It is the confidence from each and every one of you that make CHG’s goals reality.

These moments are the memories that we look to build upon as we grow Compass Home Group. Thank you for allowing Compass Home Group to bring your dreams home. We’re building a family at Compass Home Group. We look forward to meeting you by real estate but to knowing you by the journey that life lays out for us.  Thank You from all of us, and here is to a phenomenal 2015 for all!

The Compass Home Group

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