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Happy New Year – An Open Letter from the Compass Home Group

Another year of reflection brings only joy as we think about how to wrap this year up in words. Tomorrow is the last day of 2015. We smile knowing that you helped us achieve so much this year. CaptureWe fell just short of our $25M sales goal. That goal was to more than double our production from 2014 so it is no small accomplishment. Our 2016 goal is to grow to $40M and we can only do that with the continued love and support of each and every one of you. As clients continue to become friends, we are so humbled to know that it is serving you in life, not just in business, that makes us feel whole. We look forward to hearing your 2016 goals so we can help you achieve the desires of your heart the same way you continue to help us professionally and personally.

We started 2015 with just a few settlements and we were eager, just as we are now, to put sales on the board because that cruise ship (if we hit $25M by year end) was staring at us. Tim put it on the door with a goal thermometer and we colored it in with each month. Angela started with us at the start of the New Year and we are proud of all her accomplishments this year and look forward to her continued growth. Angela continues to help us grow our service hearts and offers an extension of help for our team as well as our clients. As our operations manager, she has learned and remains committed to a “we don’t do no” philosophy. That double negative is a “YES!” and that mindset is the standard of always getting the job done, with a smile.10421569_10152761154644405_7206176819367344234_n

Our happiest client in 2015 had to be Erin Miles. Erin worked tirelessly and waited patiently to bring his family home to their new space that would hold all their new memories. We had never seen someone show so much excitement receiving the keys to their first home! It brings so much joy to our hearts to continually watch just how vibrantly Erin & his family live and the positive attitude he brings to each and every day. Erin just recently proposed to girlfriend, Rebecca. Oh what a celebration!!! Congrats you two!!! We’re watching and wishing nothing but love and rainbows upon all your days!!!

Another happy family was the Wilhelm Family. JT & Jean listed their townhome with us in the beginning of the year and it sold quickly. They were determined not to settle with their new home, but to patiently wait for the perfect find. This required them and their two children PLUS pets to live in 11257571_10152996083314405_6366494003336183336_ntheir camper for a small period of time. Since bringing them home, they’ve had countless pool parties and backyard bashes. We continue to see their family and friends visiting and making joyful memories around their large kitchen island. This makes us so happy! JT & Jean were the first clients that showed up in their pajamas to look at a home. They saw a home, new to market, and we knew it would sell fast. So, a quick appointment was made after 8 pm in the evening and we went to tour that home. That was the one….we think it was the pj’s that made it happen!

Jessica continues to grow in her buyer specialist role! And growing she is both personally and professionally. We are happy to announce the arrival of Baby Greer, this Spring. This is the first CHG pregnancy and we’re excited to have a little one “coming soon!” Jessica has and is continuing to learn to put others before herself. Divine intervention for her this year as the little one is now due! It’s always funny to me how God works…and when I see it all playing out, I just smile (sometimes laugh) and know that He always has a hands on us. Quoting Jess mostly with her own words, which are “Simmer Down!” it is quite amusing to give it back to her sometimes.885407_10153424664009405_3918655065595269837_o

Tim’s greatest moment this year was the Bike-A-Thon that he put together for the kids at Harford Family House. It was Christmas, the wedding was near, but with just 3 weeks, Tim decided to organize a lunch fundraiser and figure out how to give all the kids at Harford Family House a bike for Christmas. Tim loved playing Santa with his U-Haul when all those bikes were assembled and ready to be delivered. The fact that it was pouring down rain didn’t stop his shine. So super proud of this accomplishment!!!

Michele still struggles with the tech component of how things work in real estate. Committed to excellence, she’s getting it and she’s mapping things out for the team that will improve her numbers, and your opportunities, in 2016. Always wanting to just BE with the people, the computer isn’t as fun as she needs it to be. It doesn’t laugh at her jokes or talk back to her. Life has proved that sometimes we have to do the hardest things on our schedule first thing in the morning so this is a lesson of implementation for her in the mornings come the New Year. Go find the people and USE THE COMPUTER to do it! Ack!!!

Our newest addition to the team is Michele’s son, Wade. In his first year of college and excited to rock out real estate like his mom, Wade enters the industry ready to learn, help, and serve. He’s learning the ropes and committed to the same service standards. “It’s a family business!” has taken on a whole new meaning for him…..and it is a proud thing to see one of your children yearn to do what you do. With passion and persistence, we are excited to see what he might accomplish in 2016.

How can anyone forget that Tim proposed to Michele on February 7th in the magical world of Epcot, Disney? That video was played for months … until she got the new video from the wedding which is currently on repeat at home and at the office. The endless love that we share is amazing. The excitement that filled us on that sunny day in La Romana, DR, was like a dream…and over in what felt like just moments. We had family, friends, and business associates join us on this journey….and now we go beyond. From the Easter Egg Hunt, to Boordy, to Halloween, you’ve been with us! From our engagement to our wedding, you’ve watched. We are so beyond blessed to share our journey with you and are thankful to have you as a part of our story! We are on to the next chapter and we hope that we’ll find your name in our book of 2016. Here’s to continuing on that orange brick road!!! Here’s to health, happiness, and amazing adventure in the year to come!! Happy New Year Friends!!! Much joy, love, and admiration…..ALWAYS!!!


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