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Through the Rain to Find His Dream Home!

Through the Rain to Find His Dream Home!Story

Compass Home Group

William May
…and his story

Billy was referred to Compass Home Group of Keller Williams American Premier Realty by his friend, Denee. Jessica Greer, Buyer Specialist, had just helped Denee find her dream home. When Denee overheard Billy talking about starting to buy a house she insisted he reach out to Compass Home Group and talk with Jessica.

Jessica and Billy scheduled a time to meet back in February, during a crazy snow storm. Billy was bound and determined to start his home buying process and drove up to Compass Home Group’s office from the city…even during the crazy storm! Billy knew he was a couple months away from being able to purchase, and after meeting with Jessica, they had established a game plane. Billy signed up for grant program classes, met with his lender, and got everything on track. After a few months of taking his classes and getting everything ready to go, he called Jessica to say he had his pre-approval letter and was ready to go shopping! Everyone was so excited to find “the” dream home!

The first couple times they met to house hunt, it rained and it became a running joke that it would always rain whenever a house tour was scheduled.. After two offers that didn’t work out, many homes toured, Billy stumbled upon the one. An end unit town home with gleaming hardwood floors, an updated kitchen (which was on the must have list), and a great finished basement would be “the one” that put the twinkle in his eye. Jessica called the agent to present the offer and she discussed with the agent that this was his third offer. Jessica wanted to ensure that this home, being the home, would work for Billy so she set the expectation of communication to make it happen!! The agent called back and said “Great news, third time is a charm!” This home was meant to be! Everything from there was smooth sailing! Let’s hope it doesn’t rain for the House Warming Party!

From his perspective…

A friend recommended I use Compass Home Group. I would recommend them to anyone in need of real estate services. 6 STARS!!!

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